Brand Deals

At Monk-E, we will single-handedly spearhead the brands deals for your social media handles. We will pitch, negotiate, and execute branded content campaigns for your channel. Right from step 1 of speaking to the brand to the last step of following up with the brand for payments will be taken care by us.

Social Media Management

As a social media influencer, one cannot put all their eggs in one basket. Variety and consistency is key – hence we help create, maintain, and upload consistent content on additional platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Content Strategizing

We will help strategize all types of content for you – be it branded content, content for various platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or new concepts for your YouTube channel. We help our influencers with SEO for their YouTube videos as well.

Stepping Out Of YouTube

As part of building your own brand, we will help you branch out of YouTube. Our team will aid you in the process of building a blog website, launching your own clothing line, or opening up your range of accessories or products.


We have exclusively partnered up with a merchandising company – Redesyn. They specialize in not just basic hoodies/tshirts, they can create 32 different SKUs from blazers to joggers to crop tops – depending on the demographics of your fans.


While all the above services are aimed at expanding your reach and enabling you to focus on your content better, PR is the tool that will actually turn you from an influencer to a brand.

Team Building

With the help of our associations with websites like Internshala, Frapp, Letsintern and our active presence on LinkedIn, we can help you recruit more personnel to elevate your content creation game.

Logistics Support

We have partnered up with restaurants across Mumbai, Bengaluru, Delhi, Chandigarh, Kolkata for shooting content. We are expanding to collaborate with restaurants across other cities of India. We have a network of editors and videographers ready to cater to your production needs if required on a project basis.

Admin & Legal Support

We have partnered with a law firm to provide solutions for all your legal problems.